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Overview Structure

  • Notes: For any document that is uncategorized, outdated but left for reference, or pending deletion.
  • Documents and Images: For meta-documents and images.
  • Categories: For meta-documents that group documents together by shared traits.
  • Prose: For all stories set in the world.
  • Metaphysics: For the nature of the setting.
  • Gods: For the divine pantheons and gods of this world.
  • Timeline: For chronological events.
  • Abilities: For superpowers, magic, and other abilities.
  • Characters: For all of the characters.
  • Races: For all the intelligent creatures inhabiting the world(s).
  • Languages: For the conlangs.
  • Objects For all the items the inhabitants of the world use.
  • Locations For the places in your universe.
  • Groups, Factions, and Organisations For all of the megacorps and merry bands of criminals.

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Note: This is a WIP worldbuilding project.

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